At Cobbles and Clay, we don’t just pride ourselves on serving delicious homemade treats, we also offer our customers the chance to do some pottery painting too. With a huge selection of pieces to paint, from teacups and saucers to wild dinosaurs and magic fairies, we’re sure to have something that takes your fancy! We get a whole range of people through our door with such a variety of artistic abilities, from a person’s first time picking up a brush to a professional artist; we’ve seen it all!

A lot of customers ask for advice before they get started so we thought we’d put together a quick guide with a few pointers.

  • Choose the right piece – whether it’s a special gift or something just to you, think about whether you want to paint something that you will use on a daily basis or something that will go on display. If you’re helping your child choose a piece, make sure it’s something that isn’t too intricate and has a big blank canvas for them to play with.
  • Make sure you know what colour you’re painting with – the paints looks a lot brighter once they’ve been through the kiln so what may look like a pale pink could actually be quite vibrant. Don’t worry though, we’ve numbered all the paints and done tester spots on all of the palates so you’ll be able to go back to ‘painting by number’!
  • Have a look at the different types of brushes – we’ve got a whole selection of brushes and dabbers for you to use so don’t make it hard for yourself by just using one.
  • Don’t over think it – painting is supposed to be relaxing so don’t ‘panic paint’ – take your time and who knows … you might be the next Picasso!
  • Know when to stop – if you are really trying to create a masterpiece, keep taking a step back to look at your piece and know when to put the brush down!

It doesn’t really matter what your piece looks like at the end (even if you haven’t kept inside the lines or whether you’ve used every colour of the rainbow), it will be special because you put your time and creativity into painting it.

If you’ve visited us and already painted something, don’t forget to post a picture on our Facebook page or tweet us your masterpiece!