Cafe sinkWhen the kids break up for the summer holidays, we know how expensive it can be to fill their days with activities whilst also cracking on with things around the house that need doing. So we’ve come up with a perfect solution for both you and the children!

If you’re wanting to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen, why not come to our café one afternoon and paint your own tiles?! The kids will love being a part of the redecorating process and you’ll get your very own bespoke designs to make that area extra special. To give you an idea of what it could look like, we’ve painted the tiles in our café sink area – and they look great if we do say so ourselves!Changing area

We loved making our tiles as colourful as possible, but if you want to stick to a stricter colour scheme you can pick out a few paints for the children to use. (we know how tempting it can be to use every colour under the sun!)

If you’re interested in painting your own tiles, pop in and speak to Jill to pick her brains for ideas.