Drinks and Light Bites


(because bad mornings deserve a second chance!)

Americano £2.00 £2.35
Cappuccino £2.35 £2.70
Latte £2.35 £2.70
Flat White £2.50
Espresso £1.50 £1.85

Add extra shot 35p
Add syrup (Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut or gingerbread) 40p

Grown-up Hot Chocolate £2.70
Add cream 30p
Add marshmallows 30p

Mocha Coffee with Fairtrade chocolate £2.90

Fairtrade Yorkshire Tea (decaf available) £1.85

Cold Drinks

Posh Pops £2.20
Award winning sparkling pop from Breckland Orchard – no artificial colours or sweeteners.

Ginger beer with chilli
Cloudy Lemonade
Dandelion and Burdock
Elderflower and Pear
No Sugar Elderflower
Sloe Lemonade

Folkington Juices £2.00

Cloudy Apple
Fresh Orange
Mixed Berry
Pink Lemonade
Cloudy Pear.

Coke/ Diet Coke £2.20
Thirsty Planet Water sparkling/still £1.50


Green Reviver Banana, kale, mango, lemongrass, apple and orange £3.75
Raspberry Heaven Apple, raspberry, mango, blueberry and orange £3.75
Mega Cherry Cherry, blueberry, strawberry, fig & flax seed £3.75
Ginger Beets Beetroot, pineapple, blueberry, ginger £3.75
Powergranate Pomegrante, strawberry, blackcurrant and apple £3.75


Our milkshakes are made with real ice cream, milk and fresh fruit puree. All can be made with soya milk and soya ice cream.

Vanilla, strawberry, banana chocolate or coffee £3.00
Baileys or Tia Maria Milkshake £4.75
Super-Healthy Milkshake Fresh banana, semi skimmed milk, honey and natural yoghurt £3.75


Timothy Taylor Landlord £3.75
Black Sheep Ale £3.75
Wyld Wood Cider £3.75
Aspall’s Cider £4.50
Peroni £3.00
Bottle of Prosecco £17.00
Small Prosecco (200ml) £4.50
Medium glass of wine (175ml) £3.75
Large glass of wine (250ml) £4.25
By the bottle £16.00

Cakes, Pancakes and Lighter Bites

Toasted Fruit Loaf served with butter £2.10
Toasted Crumpets served with butter and local jam £2.50
Toast served with butter and local jam £2.35
Fruit Scone (homemade in our kitchen by Wendy!) £2.50
Add butter +25p Add jam +50p Add cream +50p

Homemade Pancakes

A stack of four of our drop pancakes, served with:
Lemon and Sugar £4.00
Greek yoghurt and mixed berry compote £4.75
Chocolate spread £4.00
Chocolate spread and banana £4.50
Add vanilla pod ice cream +50p