Main Courses

Soups & Stews

Our soups and stews are made daily with vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free stock. Gluten-free bread and soya spread is available.

Lentil & Vegetable / Soup of the Day – Served with crusty and butter (GF and VE available) – £4.95
Soup and a Sandwich – Served with half a Wensleydale cheese, Ellison’s ham or chicken mayo sandwich on brown bloomer (GF available) – £6.20
Tuscan Bean Stew – Meditterannean vegetables and kidney beans in a spicy tomato suace, with crusty bread and butter (GF and VE available) – £7.50
Tradtional Chicken Stew – Chicken, leek, carrot and potato stew with a rosemary and stock sauce, served with crusty bread and butter (GF available) – £8.75
Chilli Con Carne – With soured cream, rice, cheese and tortilla chips (GF available) – £9.25

Cobbles Classics

Falafel Platter – With a warm flatbread, giant cous-cous, hummus, olives, and salad garnish (VE and GF available) – £7.25
Hummus Platter – A selection of hummus with olives, giant cous-cous, vegetable sticks and warm flatbread (VE and GF available) – £7.25
Trio of Fish -Smoked mackerel pate, smoked mackerel and smoked salmon with pickled red cabbage and crusty bread and butter (GF available) – £7.50
Ploughman’s Lunch – Ellison’s ham, with a selection of cheese, local chutney, balsamic onions and crusty bread (GF available) – £8.50
Butternut Squash Lasagne – Layers of butternut squash and pasta, topped with melting cheddar, served with salad and homemade coleslaw (V) – £7.50

Brunch and Lighter Lunches

Sweetcorn Fritters – Our homemade fritters with chunky tomato salsa and avocado with lime – £6.75
Beetroot Hummus on Toast – Homemade beetroot hummus on sourdough toast topped with smoked salmon, pickled red cabbage and creme fraiche (GF available) – £7.50
Avocado on Sourdough Toast – Avocado smashed with lime on sourdough toast topped with crumbled feta and chilli flakes (GF and VE available) – £7.75
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel – With cracked black pepper and lemon (GF available) – £6.50

Sandwiches etc.

Serbed with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw on your choice of brown bloomer, sourdough roll or gluten-free bread.

Wensleydale Cheese and Local Chutney – £5.25
Chicken Mayo – £5.75
Ellison’s Ham and Pickle – £5.75
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese – £6.50
Greek Salad Flatbread – Tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta in a warm flatbread served with hummus and giant cous-cous – £6.95
Fish Finger Sandwich – Cod goujons in chunky brown bread with lemon mayonnaise or tomato sauce – £7.50
Pate on Toast – Pate of the day, chunky toast, coleslaw and salad – £7.25

Sharing Boards

For two to share

Yorkshire Board
Ellison’s pork pie, with local ham and a selection of cheeses, served with balsamic onions, mixed salad, crusty bread and butter and Yorkshire chutney – £19.75

Mediterranean Board
Warm falafel, grilled local Halloumi, warm flatbread, marinated olives, tzatziki, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella skewers – £19.75