It’s May 2016 already (where is this year going?!) which means that Coeliac disease awareness week (9-15 May) and National Vegetarian Week (16-22 May) are coming up so we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight the variety of veggie, vegan and gluten-free food we have on offer at Cobbles & Clay in Haworth.

When Jill Ross first opened the café and pottery painting studio nearly 10 years ago, it was originally a veggie café and we still take pride in being one of the few cafes in Bronte Country which happily caters for a wide range of dietary requirements – as well as bacon sandwiches for those that want them!

We know how difficult it can be if you have certain dietary requirements or preferences to find a place where you can enjoy a meal with your friends and family without the awkward peruse of a minimal and boring menu.

On our menu, you’ll find that a lot of the dishes we offer are already either veggie, vegan or gluten free – just because we’ve chosen to miss out the meat or gluten, doesn’t mean that we’re missing out on the flavours! And what’s better, Insta - soy milkshakeif you fancy a dish which doesn’t quite meet your requirements, we’ll do everything possible in the kitchen to adapt it in to a vegan or GF dream of a meal. Even our Full English Breakfast is available as a veggie dish!

Lactose intolerant and wondering where you can eat? Come to Cobbles and Clay!

Just like our veggie options, we have lots of dishes on the menu which are already served dairy free but we’re also able to adapt many of our meals so that they are suitable for a dairy free diet. This includes our scrumptious range of milkshakes being made with soya milk and even soya ice cream!


A few of our favourites:

  • GF - nutty choc brownieHomemade soups – our famous lentil and vegetable soup and soups of the day are all gluten free, dairy free and veggie
  • Tuscan bean stew – Gluten free, veggie, vegan and dairy free
  • Ploughman’s lunch – Gluten free
  • Chocolate and hazelnut brownie – gluten free, veggie and vegan
  • Sticky apple cake – Gluten free
  • Fruit scones – Gluten free and veggie (nobody should have to miss out on having a cream tea!)